somebody slow down that clock - please!

By Karin Leonard

It sure seems like someone is speeding up the “Big Clock”, as weeks and months fly by like sand running through our fingers. What, if anything, can you do to slow down time, and to feel like you actually own your days, and along with them, your life?

Make Each Day Count

As Einstein claimed, time is a relative matter. Have you ever noticed, how a day on vacation can seem so much longer and more exciting than days spent at the office?  Workdays may appear like gray carbon copies of each other, and we often hardly remember what happens from one week to the next. How quickly time passes for you, is influenced by how present and engaged you are each day. In addition, memory is connected to emotions, and remarkable events, good and bad, stay with us longer than the bland ones.  Therefore, the more interesting recollections seem to take up a greater amount of space in memory – so to speak – and, subjectively, time expands.

That’s my pet theory of relativity, anyway…

To make your time expand, do something unusual every single day.  That can be a simple pleasure, like a stroll around the neighborhood, or lunch at the beach. It also helps to go back over your daybook or calendar, maybe once a month, to recall your “best of” experiences from that time period.

Be Complete

Have you ever felt that you are seemingly stuck somewhere, way back, perhaps under the Christmas Tree while your calendar reads March? In order to be fully present, today, it helps to wrap up the loose ends from the past.  And, if you notice yourself regretfully going back over days gone by -- what do you need to do, to release the past?  As a friend of mine says: Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. Claiming all of you, here, today, time will move slower – because you are present to experience it.

Feeling successful also pulls us right into the now.  To that end, each day, complete something, however small, and acknowledge yourself for doing so.  As you move through the day, practice being complete. Bring your thoughts back to the present, be decisive and move forward.

Align with your Rhythm

Your biological clock and daily cadence also influence how you experience time.  Being more in harmony with your individual rhythm can lend a sense of spaciousness to your life.  When you align with your natural cycle of high and low energy times, there is a feeling of ease in your day.  For example, if you are a “morning person,” your best times for mental focus tend to be in the early hours of the day.  When you go against your innate rhythm, it may feel like your are continuously trying to catch up – the “I’m late, I’m behind” deal. Of course, that experience can also come from having too much on your plate, or crafting unrealistic to-do lists. To feel on top of it again, set realistic expectations in order to stay in balance.

As you make your days memorable, practice completion, and align with your natural rhythm, you may slow down that clock yet, and time will be on your side!


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