What is Personal Mastery?

Further: Letter to the Editor (Published in What is Enlightenment? Magazine)

Give Change a Chance

California Poppies Big Sur by Karin  Leonard Having had the privilege to witness countless clients transform themselves and their lives, in a relatively short period of time, I am in awe of human nature, and what we are capable of accomplishing - once we decide to do so, and believe that we can...

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Discover Inner Keys to Vibrant Health

Did you know you already possess keys to your health besides doctors, diet and exercise? That you can assist and influence the vast unconscious intelligence within you for vibrant well-being?

Indeed, you have access to 4 1/2 billion years of evolution - within your own body, mind and brain....

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From New Year's Resolutions to Results

View from Nepenthe by Karin Leonard Did you make New Year’s resolutions for 2017?  If you didn’t,  it is not too late - at least if you do want some real goals.  Resolutions have a bad reputation: we tend to make them every year, yet hardly anyone keeps them.  There is no question that clear goals and intentions put you in the “driver’s seat” of your life. What will it take to turn “resolutions” into results? Read more >

Live Now: The Art of Loving Life

Hit the Pause Button and Reconsider
Do you ever get the sense that life is passing you by?  Do you sometimes think that your "real" life will start "one of these days" - when you make enough money, meet the right person, or the kids are grown?  Do you postpone happiness for any reason whatsoever?  If so, you can make the decision right now, to bring all of you into the present.  T
his is not a test, this is your one and only life  - Live Fully Right Now!  Read more >

Holidays:  Celebration or Stress?

How to Reclaim the Holy Days

Remember the childhood days of excitedly anticipating Christmas morning? How does that compare to your experience of holidays today?  These days, the holidays are often associated with more pain than pleasure.  Thanksgiving brings memories of overeating, and Christmas songs remind of crowded shopping malls.  Where has all the magic gone...?

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Set Sail for Success in 2016


blue lotusThe youthful spirit of a brand new year is a powerful potion.  Intentions are fresh and visions clear, and the dynamic drive of starting over energizes January.  With a surge of enthusiasm and hopeful dreams we embark on another adventure, onboard of 2015...read more


Everyday Spirituality for the Professional

 Part 1: The Power of Solo Retreats

Part 2: Spirituality Revisited

Part 3: Day-to-Day

Part 4: Daily Application

How to be Resilient in the 21st Century

Part 1

Part 2: Organizing for Resilience

Leadership for a New Millennium

Excelling as a Leader

Tools for Leaders

Part 1: The Power of Intuition

Part 2: Developing Effective Self-Talk

Tools for Navigation

Part 1: In the Driverís Seat

Part 2: Staying on Course

Three Keys to Peak Performance

The Flow of Excellence

Investing in the Gold of Self-Confidence

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Your Brain - The Final Frontier

Part 1

Part 2

Manifest Your Best with Self-Hypnosis

Open Sesame

Give Change a Chance

The "One Minute Change" Model

Gentle Change - Lasting Success

Part 1

Part 2

Happiness Demystified

Part 1

Part 2

Emotional Evolution

The Art of Relationship

Part 1: Self and Others

Part 2: Earth and the Sacred

Help, My Life is Driving Me Crazy!

Somebody Slow Down that Clock - Please!

What, Me? Procrastinate?

Part 1: Managing The Day To Day 

Part 2: Taking Action on What Matters

Celebrate Completions

Inviting Introspection

Rediscover Leisure

Part 1Time for Yourself

Part 2

Movie Therapy

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