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Coaching & Hypnotherapy

"Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin's encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift."

Kate Christopherson
La Selva Beach

"I have worked with Karin intermittently for about 2 years. She has helped me with transitions of letting go of a worn out me gently & easily, accessing & embracing courage, insight & discipline to change my patterns of conduct.

In our work together she has felt like a compassionate friend with a listening ear, a magician to disconnect inappropriate energy cords from other people, & a divine artist to co-create custom beautiful positive auto suggestion sessions of the energy & changes I want to manifest in my life. (These are taped for me to listen to again.)"

Marilyn Crenshaw
A.I.A. Architect (Specializing in "green" architecture)


“Karin is an excellent coach and skillful consultant and combines both talents  effectively.  As a coach she allowed me to identify and develop my own thoughts and ideas, and at the same time provided excellent feedback.  As a consultant, she provided an interesting and effective variety of tools and techniques which helped me to focus on problems and solutions.

Within weeks, Karin skillfully guided me through the process of focusing and organizing my thoughts, energies and resources to the point that I developed a well defined plan to achieve realistic and attainable goals, and most importantly, goals that are compatible with who I am and what I want as a person.”

Paul Mousalem,
 Attorney at Law


“It's as if Karin helped me find the master switch and pull it.  I'd been through a number of tragic accidents/ business dealings over a short period of time.  I couldn't even breathe.  I definitely needed coaching!

Karin taught me that to get the results I wanted, I could actually re-program myself.  I learned to focus on what beliefs I wanted to have – versus the ones I'd been told I had to have, and had been running on all my life. I had spent many valuable resources on many different types of therapies, but all of these only focused on why or how my problems were happening, not what to do to fix them.

Over my first 5 weeks working with Karin, we did so much that freed me, I could write a book about it!  Thank you so much.”

Karen Hansen,
Importer and Distributor of Fine & Natural Stones


“My personal and professional life has dramatically changed for the better since Karin started coaching me. Karin has been able to bring out the best in myself while enhancing my self-confidence. I have become a life long student of Karin!”

Salahuddin Faruqui,
Director of Business Development

“At the moment my life hit a painful and frightening crossroads, and it teetered off-balance on the rubble of an old way of being and acting, Karin took my arm and with clarity, insight, compassion, and a larger sense of our spiritual journey on earth, she provided me with the tools I desperately needed to build the solid foundation I stand upon in joy today.  For this, I’m deeply grateful to her.”

M. F.,


“Thank you for the help you have given me in pursuit of a focussed and stress free work attitude.  You have been instrumental in changing my life and in giving me the freedom from my own limiting forces – to vigorously go after the things I want from life.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Gary Jones,
Sales Representative


“Karin is a wise and sensitive coach, and a gifted hypnotist.  Her work has immediate effects.  I realized profound shifts, both personally and professionally, in a very short time working with Karin.  The personalized audiotapes she makes for her clients are a wonderful way to continue receiving the benefits of her work between sessions.”

Maggie Muir, MA,
Family Counselor and Post-partum Doula


“Your encouragement of me achieving my life’s potential has resonated in the deepest core of my being, and for this I thank you.  I know our time together has been brief, but you have been able to help me like no other person before.  Because of you, I have a better relationship with my father.  Because of your help, I am more engaged in the meaning of my dreams.  Because of your help, I am applying to graduate school, where I can become all that I wish to be.”

Vickie S.,
Psychology Student


“Karin's program has been instrumental in assisting me to turn my abstract dreams into concrete goals and tangible results.”

Bryan Drysdale,
Author of two books


“Karin's work is a fusion of dedication and genius.  She helped me open deep vistas in my life.”

Bart Snider,


“Karin is an excellent hypnotherapist, who has helped me ‘take a fork in my road’ in life!  She has taught me numerous communication skills that work.  I highly recommend Karin as a ‘success coach’.”

Karin Walker,
Speech Pathologist

Quit Smoking

“I went to Karin to quit smoking, after trying numerous times on my own, with no luck.  It has now been 3 years, and I still am a non-smoker, and I owe all my success to Karin.  She is so wonderful that I have sent friends and family to her, and she has helped them too!!  I can not find the words to thank Karin and tell her how much she has helped me change my life style!!  I recommend her to everyone!!!”

Jill Prindle,
Santa Cruz


“I quit smoking after only two sessions with Karin.  I was a smoker for almost 40 years, and I've been smoke free ever since.”

Elzie Pryor,
Santa Cruz

“I guess it's been 3 or 4 years now. On our way into your office Henry & I had smoked our last cigarette and dropped the rest of the pack into the waste basket.

I remember you made both of us feel at ease. The hypnosis sessions flew by. All I can say is that it worked instantaneously. Our cravings for the cigarettes were gone. The normal withdrawal symptoms were virtually nil.  

The follow up session was just fine. We made a back-up tape of the session, which we never had to use.

We are very grateful every day that we no longer smoke, no longer smell, no longer pay so much money for the habit. Plus smoking wasted so much time.

We often give your number out and encourage or friends to use your services to help them to quit too.

Thank you again.”

Lisa & Henry Carter
Owners of Water Star Motors

You and I met about a year ago for a couple of sessions to help me with ending my 40 year smoking habit.

Well, I do not smoke, and do now have any desire to smoke!
Just wanted to send you a thanks and a hug.

Dwight Smith.
Santa Cruz

Become Naturally Slim

“We at The Healthy Way have seen excellent results with those clients who participated in Karin's program.  We highly recommend it.”

Cheri Biancini,
The Healthy Way, Weight Management Center


"Just a note to once again say thank you for all of your efforts as we worked through my eating challenges earlier this year. I consider you 'quite the find'!

As you know, when I was struggling so at Healthy Way in the beginning, they encouraged me to contact you as someone who could perhaps be added support in making the necessary changes to have success in my lifestyle changes, to bring about weight loss.

Indeed, you and your program were just the ticket! From the get-go, I would listen to one of your personalized tapes last thing at night, and again in the morning, and if I awoke in the middle of the night.

I managed to get exercise into my life-style, as well as the desire and motivation to truly change my behavior. Do you know that even today, sugar has not been in my vocabulary or part of my diet, much less white flour, wheat, caffeine (except for green tea) or even artificial sweeteners! That is all a very big deal to me.

By the end of all of our sessions, I had lost 12lbs and 24inches. Clearly, though, some very positive changes are still in effect. It has been six months since we started working together.

What is especially positive is the fact that your personalized tapes are part of my tape library and at my right hand as I need them. Therefore, I can keep on keeping on. Thank you for your support and your program. I highly recommend it to others."

Nat Defiebre
Image Consultant 

“Thank you for the help with my personal attitude towards stress and weight loss.  I have never turned to someone else for help with my weight problem, and was not sure how I would do with it.  You made me feel comfortable, and I found you easy to work with.  After each session, I realized that I was making great strides towards a new attitude about eating, and handling stress in my life, and I was always learning new things about myself.  I am sure we will continue to work together in the future.”

Dave Schumaker,

Overcome Anxiety Attacks

“I want to express my gratitude for all your help.  I never thought the areas of life I needed to work on could improve so quickly with hypnotherapy.  I no longer have anxiety attacks.  I have managed to harness the strength I have to manage my feelings and I can stay centered in situations that used to throw me off.  I wish I could have met you years ago – I would probably have a lot less gray hair!”

Debbie Ramirez,
Systems Analyst

Dental Hypnosis

“I sought Karin's help with hypnosis for a dental procedure, a root canal. Although I'd been warned how difficult it would be to control the pain, I hoped it would work and was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure success. I had three sessions with Karin, each one building on the next. With two tapes to help me practice, one for a quick induction just prior to walking into the dentist's office, I felt confident and relaxed. And it worked!  More than that, I came away from the experience feeling good about myself and what I'd accomplished –– with Karin's wonderful guidance.  Her voice, manner, compassion and expertise all combine into a most rewarding experience, one I know I will have further occasions to enjoy.”

Frieda Sherman,

Chronic Pain

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful influence and input you have given me.  Being a chronic pain patient, your input and tapes have been of great importance to me.  By helping me to remind myself of being a higher aspect of myself than just being a person in pain.  All of your input has been a working aspect of my life.  You have helped me realize a higher aspect of myself than just living in pain.  Thank you for your unconditional understanding, and your kind presence.  Words can not express the gratitude I feel.”

Shevawn McCafferty,
Los Gatos, CA

Transform the “Inner Critic”

“Karin helps you to replace negative thoughts, behaviors and feelings with positive ones. When I leave her sessions, I feel like I've been on vacation - relaxed, positive, happy and confident.”

Marilyn Williams,

Overcome Test Anxiety  & Stage Fright

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I know and believe that you made the difference in helping me pass my Board Certification Exam.  I can now proudly say I am a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon.  You enabled me to gain control of my anxiety; enabled me to relax and be more in control.  Your tapes were an easy, relaxing way to gain that control.  In fact, I believe the focus and suggestion/visualization for relaxation were as helpful, if not even more important, during my study period, as well as actually during the examinations.  Everything really seemed to “sink in” as I was studying, and was immediately at my fingertips during the exam!  I can not thank you enough.”

Lisa Metelman,
Veterinary Surgeon


“The two sessions we did were quite helpful.  I spoke in this target class, and it was easily the most comfortable I have felt speaking in this class.”


Conquer Depression

“When I came to Karin I was very much depressed, hopeless, angry and sad inside.  I knew I had built up a wall inside myself over the years, but at the time, I did not know why.  I was unable to touch that wall, until I started my sessions with Karin.  Karin first instilled in me that I was a worthy person, and that my needs were important.  She was able to open my eyes to the fact that I gave, and was not willing to receive for myself.  She gave me vital tools to work with, in my marriage and in life.

I found that Karin had a “softness” approach in her counseling, allowing me to work at my own speed.  She was able to redirect my childhood-distorted way of thinking into a positive and more constructive way of thinking.  This to me was a key tool.  With the hypnosis that she used, I was able to open the sub-mind and work with what I had stored inside.  Together we were able to melt down the wall, and I have found inner peace, which had not been part of me for 30 years. 

I owe a piece of my life to Karin, and I feel privileged to share a small part in her life.  I feel very grateful for her help.”

Janet E.,
Santa Cruz, CA


Improve Relationships

"I have met with Karin a number of times to work through some long-standing issues in my life, specifically in the area of interpersonal and romantic relationships. I came to her with a heart that felt broken, bruised and hopeless. Through her wise, caring, accepting and "down to earth" words and advice, visualization work, and hypnotherapy I have discovered things about myself that I believe have freed me to honestly assess my past, fully embrace my current relationships and face those moving forward with a hope and confidence that I never had before. My friends and family have commented on what they see as a profound transformation in me.

Karin has been a blessing in my life. Her help has been priceless!"

Maria DiLisio
Scotts Valley


Transform Fear of Flying

"I visited Karin a few years ago to attempt to overcome a long-standing fear of flying. I'm happy to report that after two visits with her about that subject, I now truly enjoy flying."

Maria DiLisio
Scotts Valley




Vibrant Health

“What I received from listening to “Vibrant Health” was worth the cost of a two
week retreat! My pounding headache went away and this feeling of depletion that
usually takes me a few days to unwind, was about 70% cleared in just 24 minutes. I feel that the experience was so profound that I will be returning to it again in many moments of my life. Beautiful work: the voice, the music, the words, the pace, the content and the vibrant healing energy!!!”

Dr. Laurie Moore, PhD, L.M.F.C.

“Karin’s “Vibrant Health” audiotape has benefited several patients in their health when stress and tension were interfering with their recovery. I have listened to the tape myself and found it to be profoundly relaxing and energizing. I wholeheartedly recommend “Vibrant Health” to anyone who is looking to advance their state of health and achieve optimum calmness and quietude.”

Dr. Jeff Lester, Physician and Surgeon


"The “Vibrant Health” audiotape is the most powerful and effective vehicle that I have found in the wide array of products designed to help people through a healing crisis.

I encourage you to use this tape pre-and post-operatively through any healing crisis or concern."

Dr. Loic Jassy, PhD
Psychotherapist & cancer survivor

Naturally Slim

"For over ten years now, Karin's audio collection has been a wonderful adjunct to the Healthy Way program. I have personally found them to be effective, as have countless clients."

Cheri Biancini, R.N., owner
The Healthy Way, Weight Management Center


“Karin’s Naturally Slim” audiotape is very effective and done in a highly professional manner. I have recommended and sold it to several of my clients.”

Carol Jensen,
Director, Center for Health



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