Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a rapidly evolving technology for improving your performance in any arena of life.  NLP is also a model for clear and effective communication.

NLP is often called the “Study of Human Excellence.”  By understanding the inner strategies successful people use, we can model and learn to produce similar results.

NLP provides us with insights into how we think and behave.  By understanding how the brain organizes information, we can affect dynamic changes in internal experiences and behavior.  The powerful tools NLP provides open the door to tap more of your potential.

Through NLP, you can affect and change outdated beliefs that may go back as far as childhood, and install new patterns of success, in any area of life:



¨ Quit Smoking

¨ Lose Weight

¨ Manage Stress

¨ Overcome Anxiety & Phobias

¨ Accelerate Healing 

¨ Enjoy Vibrant Health

¨ Control Pain

¨ Improve Sleep

¨ Manage Emotions

¨ Build Professional Success

¨ Prevent Burnout

¨ Create Prosperity

¨ Increase Resilience


¨ Enhance Athletic Skill

¨ Increase Self-confidence

¨ Overcome Test Anxiety

¨ Improve Study Skills

¨ Enhance Memory

¨ Master Stage-Fright

¨ Heal Trauma

¨ Achieve Peak Performance

¨ Have Healthy Relationships

¨ Tap Creative Potential

¨ Gain Insight & Clarity

¨ Enhance Intuition

¨ Grow Spiritually

In private session, we typically combine NLP with hypnotherapy and/or Coaching, which makes for a powerful mix. 

Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA or in certain cases, at your work-site. 

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“It's as if Karin helped me find the master switch and pull it.  I'd been through a number of tragic accidents/ business dealings over a short period of time.  I couldn't even breathe.  I definitely needed coaching!

 Karin taught me that to get the results I wanted, I could actually re-program myself.  I learned to focus on what beliefs I wanted to have – versus the ones I'd been told I had to have, and had been running on all my life. I had spent many valuable resources on many different types of therapies, but all of these only focused on why or how my problems were happening, not what to do to fix them.

Over my first 5 weeks working with Karin, we did so much that freed me, I could write a book about it!  Thank you so much.”

Karen Hansen

Facilitator at the University of Phoenix

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