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Coaching is a partnership that focuses on you achieving your dreams,  goals and intentions.  In today’s busy world, coaching gives you an oasis of clarity, and prepares you for action.  Although coaching may be therapeutic, professional coaching is not psychotherapy.  Through coaching we aim at the present and the future, and provide support for you to embrace success and fullfillment in all areas of your life.

As your Coach I'm your Ally, guiding you with the tools, structure and support to follow through on your dreams.  Your agenda and your needs are the content of coaching, and as your coach I provide the focus, feedback and accountability for success.  The coaching relationship or alliance that we set up creates a powerful “container” for self-management, insight and results.  

In my 22 years of experience as a life coach, it has been my priviledge to witness and celebrate my clients' success and happiness.

Whole Life Coaching provides a way to evaluate your life balance, and to create the results you want in every area of your life.

For A Quick Diagnosis of your life-balance, rate each area on the wheel below on a 1-10 scale.

1= totally unacceptable (according to you) 

10= absolutely fulfilled, satisfied

If you wish, you can add any life areas that seem to be missing using the unnamed sections.

life balance wheel

Any area that is significantly lower than the others deserves your attention. Through life coaching, you can bring these aspects of your life up to speed.  Together, we use these scores to focus, prioritize and formulate your action plans.

In Private Sessions, in person or by phone, we often combine coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP, which makes for a powerful mix.  However, you may elect to do “straight up” coaching, or executive coaching.

Sessions can be conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA, per phone or e-mail, or in certain cases, at your work-site.

To Begin Coaching, we typically have with an in-depth foundation session at my office or by phone, when we establish your goals, challenges and the form of support to fit your needs. Prior to this intake, you receive tools and questions for you to consider in preparation.

Following the initial intake, we usually meet weekly to ensure progress, celebrate successes, discuss challenges and strategies.
Over time, you can also choose to have appointments every other week, or once per month, depending on the amount of support you desire.  Many clients find coaching accelerates their results and level of fullfillment rapidly.

Tele-coaching is a convenient way to receive all the benefits of coaching in the privacy of your home, office or while on the road.

Several affordable arrangements are available.

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 "Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin's encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift."

Kate Christopherson
La Selva Beach, CA

Karin is an excellent coach and skillful consultant and combines both talents  effectively.  As a coach she allowed me to identify and develop my own thoughts and ideas, and at the same time provided excellent feedback.  As a consultant, she provided an interesting and effective variety of tools and techniques which helped me to focus on problems and solutions.

Within weeks, Karin skillfully guided me through the process of focusing and organizing my thoughts, energies and resources to the point that I developed a well defined plan to achieve realistic and attainable goals, and most importantly, goals that are compatible with who I am and what I want as a person.”

Paul Mousalem
 Attorney at Law

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For information or to

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(831) 724-5400

Toll-free (USA):(877)85-RELAX

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