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Live your fullest Life and Potential

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Are you ready for your next level ? Yet you feel stuck in old patterns?  Feel like there must be more to life? Does if feel like life is passing you by? Ready to live fully and express your potential  - personally, professionally, in relationship?  Be happy, self-confident and fulfilled?

Whether you are tired of the same issues blocking your progress, wish you could tap into your potential and live a life filled with rich choices and opportunities, a life you LOVE, you have come to the right place!

In working with clients for over 26 years, I have developed a highly effective approach for you to overcome issues and live your life and potential to the fullest. It is my joy and priviledge to be your guide, facilitator and confidant on this journey, whether it is for a few sessions, a few months or a lifetime. I am here for you.

In private sessions, in person or per phone, we address your concerns in depth and you receive highly effective tools to transform issues into a life filled with opportunites.

I combine hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP , and a good dose of intuition, for you to get fast results. I also create customized hypnosis recordings to help you relax and practice at home. My approach has shown to have an over 90% success rate.

Research has shown that rehearsal of desired results through enhanced visualization and calming relaxation works reliably and quickly.  Like any new skill, focusing on what you want and accelerating your personal evolution needs to be practiced and reinforced. This is easy through customized tools and recordings.

Together, we design preferences, and eliminate patterns that no longer work for you.  We find long-term solutions to overcome issues and put you on the path to success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

My program is straightforward and easy to follow.  Through Hypnotherapy we can get to the roots of old patterns, and reinforce what you want, as well as visualize your achieved goals.  By using NLP, we can eliminate beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Coaching provides the support, follow through and reality check to create success naturally.

Phone-Coaching Sessions combining coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP are also available. This is especially convenient if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area. When working with you per phone, all my offers, skills and resources are fully available to you as well. This includes life coaching and NLP sessions by phone, as well as customized hypnosis recordings. With these MP3 or CDs you can safely reinforce the suggestions, visualizations and tools for your  intentions, as often as you like, and in the comfort of your own home. In addition you get to enjoy the deep relaxation and well-being that hypnosis provides.

You can also order customized recordings or sessions by visiting our storePrivate Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA. 

For more information on my affordable arrangements, or to set up sessions, call (831) 724-5400 or e-mail.


"Karin is a wonderful resource if you are looking to improve your life. I learned so much from her and its obvious that she has many years of expertise. She is a very patient listener and has very appropriate tips and suggestions for your exact situation. I have a whole bunch of tools after my initial sessions with her that I am eager to try out. I can already see changes in the way I think, and how her help is allowing me to slowly move out of old self sabotaging patterns."

Elvis T.

San Jose, CA

I have been seeing Karin for half a year now. She helped me in a deep transformational phase of my life through embracing compassionately & patiently my polarities process, and emphasizing listening to my body's wisdom and intuition. She is gentle yet firm, caring, present and a good listener. Through cognitive, emotional, spiritual and hypnotic journey together, I learned more how to tap into my subconsciousness and do the work from inside out, to manifest my inner power outwardly. She also supported me to kick off my soul call logistically & emotionally (career-wise). Karin is a gem to know as a person and as a healer. I highly recommend seeing her and having her in your life.

Muna A.

Felton, CA

Karin is such an insightful and wonderful person. I suffered from anxiety that was so severe that I could barely leave my house, let alone work. Through Karin's hypnotherapy, I was able to overcome a good portion of my anxiety and even start working again. All this was accomplished in a short time span . 

One of the best things about Karin is that she is non-judgemental. She makes my feel like my feelings are valid while still acknowledging that they are not helpful and should be changed for my own benefit. Most traditional therapist  have made me feel bad for having "negative" feelings (i.e. jealousy, irrational fears etc..).

I also feel like she truly cares about me and my needs and I am not simply a paycheck for her which has unfortunately been a typical experience with other therapists in the past for me.

Yohki H.,

Newhall, CA

"Karin’s InnerEvolution program has completely changed my life for the better. I had recently turned 30, been through a devastating divorce (two years prior) and was desperately seeking to evolve personally and emotionally. I had read all of the self-help and self-improvement books I could stand. I knew I needed personal guidance. That’s when I found Karin. In a few short weeks of working with her I have started down a new path in life. Karin has an amazing way of empathizing with your emotions and helping you to understand the cause and your reaction to them. I have to admit though, the hypnotherapy and meditation are my favorite parts of my sessions with her! Prior to meeting Karin I had never undergone any sort of hypnotherapy. I am now a believer and I listen to our meditations nightly – I can’t go to bed unless I have. I am so happy and grateful to the universe for allowing my path to cross with Karin’s. Life has never looked so beautiful and promising!"

C. G.

Santa Cruz, CA

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"Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin's encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift."

Kate Christopherson
La Selva Beach, CA

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“Karin has been a great support during a major transition process in my life, including personal life change and career shifts. Through her skills as coach, hypnotherapist and especially through her intuition, I feel totally seen by Karin, and deeply supported to be my most authentic and successful self. The work that I have been doing with Karin is not only about manifesting goals and practical needs, but integration with deep soul needs and alignment. Karin's trust in a natural unfolding of Self supports a relaxation into just what my process is. She creates a space for me to honor and accept and be truly who I am and to define my goals from that place.”

Susan Heinz, Astrologer and teacher


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