Please note: 

Enter at your own risk.  Do not set foot in the garden when driving, or when you need to be fully alert.

Your visit to the meditation garden is meant to be a pleasant break in your day.  You will derive the greatest benefit when you have a few quiet minutes to yourself. 

You may choose to do the entire journey in sequence, beginning at the gate.  Or, you may wish to just visit one of the images.   

When you download either the wav or mp3 sound files you'll often find your media player plug-in opening up to block the view of our website page.  Please just minimize the player program window and focus on the image on the website while listening to our soothing message.

If you would like to experience longer journeys, view our list of audioprograms. 



Gate (start)

II. Garden

III. Lotus Pond

IV. Lotus

V. Gate (end)

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Karin to make the request.  Thank you!


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