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Being a leader in the business world can be a lonely endeavor, full of responsibility, change, and pressure to make more decisions per hour.  Having made it to the top, most executives are highly skilled, exceptional people. They are also only human. 

Through coaching and highly effective techniques, I assist you in finding your own solutions, and to grow to new levels of performance and mastery. As your coach I am your confidential ally and objective third party, committed to your agenda.  Coaching is about bringing out your excellence, while establishing a sustainable rhythm and fufilling career and life. 

When to Hire a Coach

Our coaching services should be considered when there is a desire to positively address a performance, communication, leadership or career development opportunity or issue. Coaching is a powerful tool to quickly move forward with your goals, ambitions and developmental needs. We have successfully addressed relationship issues, habits that people have wanted to change, new skills they wish to build …. We can also assist you in achieving professional and personal life balance so that you have a life outside of work.

For Yourself or for a Key Employee:

·         When it’s lonely at the top – Support for your agenda, increased clarity, better decision making, more ideas

·         When being groomed to advance – Clarify career and developmental goals, maximize potential, formulate and implement action plan

·         When there is pressure to improve – Increase insight, awareness and responsibility, sharpen learning skills for performance



1.       Intake Interview:

Our coaching contract begins with an extensive intake to better understand your unique needs, goals and intentions.

2.      Coaching Sessions:

Individual sessions are typically 60 minutes. Initially sessions are conducted weekly, either in our office, at your business site or by phone. 

For information and to arrange coaching:   

Karin Leonard & Associates:  (831) 724-5400  





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“Karin is an excellent coach and skillful consultant and combines both talents  effectively.  As a coach she allowed me to identify and develop my own thoughts and ideas, and at the same time provided excellent feedback.  As a consultant, she provided an interesting and effective variety of tools and techniques which helped me to focus on problems and solutions.

Within weeks, Karin skillfully guided me through the process of focusing and organizing my thoughts, energies and resources to the point that I developed a well defined plan to achieve realistic and attainable goals, and most importantly, goals that are compatible with who I am and what I want as a person.”

Paul Mousalem
 Attorney at Law

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"Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin's encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift.

Kate Christopherson
New Mexico

Karin is a wonderful resource if you are looking to improve your life. I learned so much from her and its obvious that she has many years of expertise. She is a very patient listener and has very appropriate tips and suggestions for your exact situation. I have a whole bunch of tools after my initial sessions with her that I am eager to try out. I can already see changes in the way I think, and how her help is allowing me to slowly move out of old self sabotaging patterns.

Elvis T., San Jose, CA

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schedule appointments:

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