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       Why Use a Customized Hypnosis Recording?

Custom programs designed for you are like having hypnotherapy sessions with Karin, anywhere in the world. If you live outside of the Santa Cruz, California area or are too busy to come to our offices, individualized CDs allow you to receive the benefits of Karin's 25 year experience as master hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and life coach in the comfort of your own home.  A quick intake by e-mail or phone is followed by a personalized recording.

                        Sample Topics Include:

  • Reach Goals
  • Increase Athletic Skill

  • Improve Self-Confidence

  • Overcome Test Anxiety

  • Master Stage-Fright & Fear of Public Speaking

  • Enhance Memory

  • Increase Intuition

Customized Recordings start at $150 (or 4 recordings for $475),

incl. e-mail or quick phone interview

Before you order your custom recording at our store  , please e-mail Karin with your specific issue.  She will evaluate whether your concern or goal can be helped with a custom recording.

Imagine a Sanctuary, far away from everyday stress...


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Certified Member

I liken Karin's voice to

rich, warm, dark chocolate...

Kim Loftis,

The Spiritual Serenity Coach

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( this is deeply relaxing — take a luxurious deep breath before listening, for a quick mini-oasis )

“Karin is an amazingly qualified hypnotherapist.  I have asked her to make self hypnosis recordings for me.  She has an innate ability to put your thoughts together in a very cohesive meditation.  Karin seems to have a sixth sense about how to word your ideas into an effective recording made specifically for your needs.  Her sense of expressing perfectly what your needs are is amazing.  She has a calm and soothing voice that inspires confidence in the listener.  I marvel at her talent with words and the exact phrasing for statements that cover your needs.  I recommend her as a truly gifted hypnotherapist with an incredible talent for creating personalized meditations that will help you reach your dreams and goals.”

Thank you,
D. S. Munoz

"Just want to let you know I am really happy with the CDs you made for me, with the suggestions, the music, the overall quality. I've loaded them onto my Ipod, which makes it real easy to listen anytime."

Matt, El Cerrito

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