Corporate Coach Training

Have you been curious about coaching as a style of management, but haven’t quite known how to bring it to your company?  Or, maybe you have provided some seminars for your managers on coaching, yet there have been no lasting results after the workshop ended?

Your company may be the ideal candidate for our corporate coach training.  This customized program allows you to integrate coaching into your company's culture.  Going far beyond a la carte skills training, this integrated program allows managers and supervisors to "bring their skills with them" by getting the reinforcement they need to fully use these "best practices."

 Through Our Corporate Coach Training You Can…

  • Address performance issues

  • Improve job performance

  • Increase business results

  • Improve interpersonal skills and work climate

  • Make coaching an integral part of the leadership and culture of your company

  • Train managers and supervisors in quality coaching skills

  • Groom a team of internal coaches who mentor and coach key employees

  • Develop a peer coaching program

 Internal Coaches

  • Mentor and coach key employees who are being groomed to advance

  • Assist managers and employees who are facing challenges

  • Coach employees for maximum effectiveness

  • Address interpersonal skills and challenges

  • Coach and facilitate work teams to higher levels of performance



  1. Needs Assessment

We begin with an assessment of your company’s needs to best customize the corporate coach program, through interviews with decision makers and potential participants, and then propose and decide on the best format.  

  1. Coaching Skills Training

Our proven skills training provides the fundamentals and proficiencies of coaching, delivered in a practical, hands-on format, appropriate to your culture, and applicable to your work environment.  Typically this training is delivered in several half days to allow for practice and refinement between sessions.

  1. Coach Intensive

After the initial training, the coaching "group intensives" allow for in depth practice and feedback.  Coaches are being groomed to excel.

  1. Coach Supervision

Individual coaches are supervised through one-on-one coaching, shadow coaching, observation and feedback, by our experienced staff of coaches.


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