What is InnerEvolution™?

InnerEvolution™ is Karin H. Leonard's dynamic and compassionate approach to personal growth and development that has evolved over 26 years of working with clients, leading workshops, writing and continued personal, spiritual and professional development, as well as her orientation

as a visual artist.

InnerEvolution™ includes, synthesizes and surpasses hypnotherapy, life coaching and NLP.  These and other therapeutic modalities are used in service to furthering your development.  We start wherevever you are - whether you are coming here to transform challenges you experience, if there are specific intentions you wish to manifest, or whether you simply want to evolve your potential to the next level.

InnerEvolution™ means continuing the great work of evolution started by nature, and aligning yourself with natural principles.  This evolutionary force is present within you right now, always moving forward towards higher levels, and greater stages of development. This is the same force that has been driving development on our planet for millions of years.  The same energy that helped you grow from a single cell to a fully formed human being, and has guided your development through childhood into adulthood. 

Through InnerEvolution™ you discover the key to your hidden potential, and experience surprising ease and joy in your life, as you find struggles and challenges simply fall away like clothes you have outgrown. By naturally lining up with the energy of evolution, you let a greater power transport you to new heights of fulfillment, achievement and expression.  This process makes you an agent of your own development, bringing forth the natural potential of who you are, and puts you in the driver's seat of your life.

The Process of InnerEvolution™ includes the development of self compassion, integration of the psyche and support in everyday life:

1. Complete Compassion

Through our work together, I support you to develop greater self-compassion. Becoming your own best friend, expressing kindness, care and profound committment to make the most out of your precious human life sets a powerful foundation to birth your full potential.  In the climate of compassion the psyche unfolds beautifully, like a fern unfurling in a greenhouse.  You can now fully relax, and come home to yourself, being at peace with who you are, and the life you are given. In our sessions, I'm with you in complete compassion and without judgement.  I accept you for who you are, and become a mirror to your full humanity. For me, it is a priviledge and an honor to share in the process of inner evolution with you.

2. Inner Integration

From a place of compassion, natural unfolding takes place.  Rather than needing to "change" yourself or applying "will power" to make yourself do things, you become more fully yourself than you ever thought possible, naturally. 

Integration of the psyche creates peace within  We have many aspects to our personality, which may be pulling in different directions and cause inner tension.  You may for example, be clear that you need to exercise and even make a plan, yet in reality no plan seems to stick.  Your emotional self may be pulling in the opposite direction, and suddenly there are a million reasons why you can't exercise...ever had that experience?

In our work together I guide you to transform, evolve and integrate the various aspects of yourself. This is like relaxing the snarls and tense muscle knots that formed in response to life, and fully moving into the center of who you are. Integration means bringing all aspects of yourself together, on the same team, rather than self sabotage and fighting with yourself.  All "parts" of you are important and need to be held in compassion and self-love.  It is from that place of caring that growth happens. This is one of the major “jobs” of being an adult – to mature and integrate the psyche, to work with what you have and make it work more efficiently.  This opens up the new levels of growth and further stages of development, and leads to naturally overcoming challenges and manifesting with ease.

Through InnerEvolution™ I use a great variety of tools and techniques, many from Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, as well as a good dose of experience and intuition. Various forms of personal growth ( NLP being one of them) provide great strategies for what is commonly called "parts integration." InnerEvolution™ includes and transcends many such techniques.

What are these parts and how did they get there?

When we speak of different "parts" of the psyche, I am not referring to multiple personality disorder, but to the typical make-up of the healthy adult psyche.  Even our bodies are bi-lateral - two eyes, two arms, two legs - two sides of the brain.  With that goes a natural distinction between emotions & mind. 

Many parts of ourselves developed as reactions to upbringing and environment.  Our system is geared towards survival.  That is a natural trait of all living beings and of evolution.  Constant adaptation protects survival.  The movement is always towards wholeness and health, as best as we can in any situation.  Most of our behaviors, no matter how "crazy" and dysfunctional developed because they were the best choice we had at that time.  And now we may need to update these early choices...

Through integration, greater harmony and connection  between the different aspects of the personality evolves.  Different parts may be well intentioned yet not always functional, and need to be guided towards healthier choices.

I see the psyche a natural eco-system, that will self correct when given a chance and find its own way with skillful guidance.  This is similar to naturopathy and any holistic system that is based on nature correcting itself, when facilitated. 

Healthy integration and maturation includes releasing outdated beliefs and behaviors, making better choices and taking a stand in your life for your potential, your needs and setting clear boundaries.

I believe that happiness is your natural state, and a great indicator whether you are on track with life.  Therefore, the further you evolve, the more light, joy and happiness flood your psyche.

3. Supportive Structure

Internal shifts and integration that happen through InnerEvolution™ lead to positive change. These shifts are permanent yet tender, like a plant that has just been transplanted.  You want to be gentle and nurturing and give the new life an environment that is conducive to the integration taking hold. 

In our work together, I assist you to set up structures and habits in your life to support the integration and growth you are experiencing.  These structures form a container for continued evolution to occur and to take hold, similar to a stake for a tomato plant.  Setting up your environment, relationships, habits, schedule and rhythm to translates your inner growth smoothly into your everyday life is where the rubber meets the road. Many of the coaching tools I use apply to this aspect of InnerEvolution™.

What is my role as a client?

This work is teamwork.  It is not “being done to you”, but with you.  The idea is for you to integrate and experience life more fully, from a more awakened and integrated place. InnerEvolution™ puts you in the driver seat of your life, and unlocks the secret to your inner potential.

Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA, by phone or in certain cases, at your work-site. 

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"Karin’s InnerEvolution program has completely changed my life for the better. I had recently turned 30, been through a devastating divorce (two years prior) and was desperately seeking to evolve personally and emotionally. I had read all of the self-help and self-improvement books I could stand. I knew I needed personal guidance. That’s when I found Karin. In a few short weeks of working with her I have started down a new path in life. Karin has an amazing way of empathizing with your emotions and helping you to understand the cause and your reaction to them. I have to admit though, the hypnotherapy and meditation are my favorite parts of my sessions with her! Prior to meeting Karin I had never undergone any sort of hypnotherapy. I am now a believer and I listen to our meditations nightly – I can’t go to bed unless I have. I am so happy and grateful to the universe for allowing my path to cross with Karin’s. Life has never looked so beautiful and promising!"

C. G.

Santa Cruz, CA



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"Karin provided skillful life coaching, which shifted me from being completely stuck into being in high momentum, with all aspects of my life in a matter of weeks. She helped me to articulate goals and take steps towards each goal every day. My family, friends and mostly myself have been amazed at the unbelievable results. Karin's encouragement was the key for me to realize my potential at warp speed. I am forever grateful to her for this gift.

Kate Christopherson
La Selva Beach, CA

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