By Karin Leonard

Have you ever wondered how Olympic champions, or star performers of any arena, get such miraculous results?  Superhuman achievement is not only due to talent or skill, but is also due to:

(1)     reaching an experiential state of excellence,

(2)     entering the zone of flow, and

(3)     peaking at the moment of surrender.

Intend with Clarity

The repeat champion in alpine ski jumping pauses briefly before his departure.  With focussed precision he visualizes his impending performance, envisions a perfect take-off, and imagines every turn on his way down the mountain.  Meanwhile, his muscles follow the lead of his thoughts, and rehearse the routine with minute movements: body, mind and spirit form one point of focus, and the gate to success opens.

In your life, whether you are to deliver a significant presentation, complete an urgent project, or develop a creative solution, use this Key of Clear Intention:

Imagine your intended result, with clarity and excitement. Set your aim verbally, visually and kinesthetically: make it real.  State your plan as a fact, in the present and as a positive outcome.  Example: “I find brilliant strategies to up the sales of our new product.”

Expect the Best

As our skier is about to push off, he has absolute trust in his ability to triumph.  In doing so, he creates a field of certainty, which attracts success like a magnet.  When you want peak performance, eliminate any negative thought by the root.  Fill your internal landscape with the power of confidence, radiating like the sun, and burning away self-doubt.  Unshakable belief in yourself and your skills, the unconditional “Yes!  I will succeed each and every time, I can do it!”  instills rock solid reliance into every cell of your body, reaches the deepest layers of your mind, and projects presence, competence and certainty.

Positive Self-expectancy is your second key to greatness, and it will produce miracles for you, every time you use it.  If you are “blessed” with an overactive inner critic, inform him or her that time for self-analysis comes later, when reviewing your time spent in “The Zone”.

Release the Result

The skier flies up towards the sky, completely focused yet relaxed.  He surrenders to the moment of flow, shooting like an arrow through intention, carried by the force of confidence.  Now, the field he created is working for him, time seems to slow down, and his mind is as clear as crystal.  The zone of peak performance brings surprising ease. Results happen quickly, precisely and seemingly without effort. 

After you set clear intentions and build a field of confidence, it is time to use your third key: Surrender. Let go of the result.  Don’t worry about it!  Your aim is in good hands, entrusted to your greater self and delivered to the universal mind. Choose your favorite metaphor.  No matter what you call this amazing energy, it works.

As you set clear intentions, expect the best, and release the results, peak performance is yours, more so all the time.  Like all great skills, entering the zone of astounding accomplishment is learned, and gets easier with practice.  Yet, the payoff will amaze you, beyond your wildest dreams!


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