open sesame

By Karin Leonard

Your unconscious mind is like a secret cave filled with incredible riches.  It functions automatically, outside of your conscious awareness, whether you notice it or not.  Aside from containing everything you have ever learned and experienced - as well as the interpretations you have given that data - it is also the storehouse of all that is possible for you.   Like the legendary “Sesame” filled with unspeakable treasures, the totality of who you can become, is contained within you.  You just need to call out those magical words and trust that the gates of power will open...

Being Still

So how do you make this call ?  Life in the 21st century is complex and incredibly busy.  The noise of the everyday hustle can easily drown out our inner life.  Yet that is where your unrealized treasures originate, and more than ever we need quiet time.  Yes, I know you are “too busy”, and that is exactly why being still on a regular basis will be for you.  Whether it’s taking a few minutes, preferably 15 to 30 minutes, in the morning, or pulling your car into a quiet park before going home at night, do get in the habit of just being with yourself.  And what should you do in those minutes?  There are many options: Just be still and observe your stream of thoughts - without following any of them.  O,r watch your breath, counting on the out breath 1-10, then starting over, return to the breath as thoughts come up.  You can also recall a dream and be with it in that quiet space.  Or, pose a question to yourself and go within.

Dreams and Daydreams

Dreams are a powerful key to access the treasures within - and probably the most direct way for your inner self to communicate with you.  Establishing an ongoing dialogue with my dreaming self has been a priceless gift in my own life.  Dreams - and daydreams - have given me direction and insights that have shaped the course of my life.  I often go to sleep with a question on my mind, only to find it answered through the magical language of dreams.

It is helpful to experience all characters in a dream as part of yourself.  The impact of a dream is best received like a piece of art - let it affect you on all levels and be with it throughout the day - you may be amazed at the insights and shifts that can result....

Answering the Call

Not only is your potential there for you to embrace, it also keeps calling out to you. The deepest drive within you is for self-actualization.  The spirit that has driven evolution forward for billions of years also works through each one of us - whether we want it to or not. We can most certainly resist it, yet the longing stays.  It may show up as a sense of life passing us by, a feeling of emptiness - is this all there is to life?  Or, on a more dramatic note, we may experience deep depression, a life threatening disease or a tragedy that rips our reality to shreds.  Who we are meant to be keeps pressing forward in our psyche, like a child wanting to be born.  Choosing to embrace the core of who you are isn't always the easiest road, yet it is the most fulfilling adventure you could ever embark upon.  Paving the way to our own delivery means living in the very heart of life's mystery.

The ways of accessing your unconscious treasures are endless. Many forms of meditation, hypnosis, visualization, sports… are tools along the way. We also tend to project our unrealized potential onto others.  Who we are to be is already present now, like the rose bush within the seed, dreaming of golden light, and the gentle touch of warm summer rains... 


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