By Karin Leonard

With the third millennium upon us, are you ready to live life on a whole new level?  Self-hypnosis is a tool long used by diverse professionals to achieve outstanding results in all areas of life.  Not only are these powerful techniques easily learned and quickly accessible for your personal mastery, but also are ways to tap your full potential. 


When you think of “hypnosis”, do you imagine people up on a stage clucking like chickens?  Rest assured, self-hypnosis is nothing like that.  Similar to meditation, this technique focuses the power of the mind, and creates a potent, natural learning state, wide open to positive self-suggestions.  Can you be hypnotized?  Of course, it is just a matter of degree, and going deeper is easily learned.  The trance state reflects an innate ability of the human brain, when the brainwave patterns shift to deep relaxation.  You are then ready to preset yourself for amazing results, with virtually any problem or concern (of course, not as a substitute for professional attention for any serious medical issue or mental illness), in all areas of life, such as:  improving your health, well-being and relationships, changing habits and emotional responses, increasing creativity and performance, bringing out your talents to make your dreams real.  And, you can practice self-hypnosis anytime, anywhere, for any issue all you need is yourself.


No matter how much success you have already created, you are still sitting on an untapped gold mine.  Whatever you have accomplished thus far, you have realized it using 3 - 5% of your brain’s capacity.  Can you imagine what might be possible with even a few percent more?  Working with your mind opens the door to your personal evolution.  You alone know your next step (or leap!) even if you don’t happen to be aware of that consciously.  Life may be uncertain, yet one thing is for sure: your day-to-day experience (maybe even past this life…) will only be as evolved as your mind.  Investing in the development of this greatest treasure will pay back rich dividends, now and in the future.  Self-hypnosis connects you more deeply to the hidden territory of your inner self, and with that, to your full potential.


What if you had unlimited wishes (who's to say we don’t)?  Your untapped power is like a genie in a bottle: in order to make use of your talents, you need to free them.  Self-hypnosis allows you to establish a deeper relationship with the uncharted waters of your mind.  (By becoming friends with your inner genie, you may establish a mighty ally.)  The unconscious, which makes up most of our mind, has much more of an influence then we tend to give credit.  However, mind and body will follow your instructions once you create inner alignment and coherence harmony. You are intricately connected with every cell in your body, each emotion, every thought and stirring of your inner being.

The tools and benefits of self-hypnosis easily translate into everyday life. You can access this inner power anytime throughout the day.


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