live now:  the art of loving life

By Karin Leonard

At 6:00 am, Susan jumps out of bed.  Busy day ahead, her mind starts racing immediately. “I hope the noon meeting with the new client goes well … got to type up the notes from yesterday’s meeting.  Darn, I forgot to drop off clothes at the dry cleaner! Need to pick up Tommy from football practice today…” is only the beginning of her day.  Susan races nonstop, maybe catching a bit of TV before she drops into bed, exhausted.  Tomorrow, it will start all over again.

Sounds familiar?  Unfortunately, this kind of frenzied pace is quite common for today’s busy professional.  And, unless we step back and reevaluate, the years go by in a flash. To move towards greater balance as well to live fully in the moment and in order to love life - we need to consider the big picture of our lives as well the day-to-day

Hit the Pause Button and Reconsider

Do you ever get the sense that life is passing you by?  Do you sometimes think that your “real” life will start “one of these days” – when you make enough money, meet the right person, or the kids are grown?  Do you postpone happiness for any reason whatsoever?  If so, you can make the decision right now, to bring all of you into the present.  This is not a test, this is your one and only life – live it right now! 

Take a moment to consider what will have you living fully.  If there are ”ghosts” haunting you from your past, decide what you need to do to be complete with the people and events of yesteryear.  Unfinished business can zap your energy and keep you from being present in your life.  The same is true of unfulfilled dreams.  Does your life, your work and relationships have “soul”?  If you are putting off your heart’s desires, only part of you is present in your life, and the treasure of who you are is dormant, waiting to be claimed.  What can you do today, to move towards a more passionately alive existence?

Fast Life in Slow Motion

Living now also means to appreciate each day.  Even when we are engaged in a hectic schedule, we can notice the moment and bring a simple sense of sacredness into the flow of the day.  A deep breath brings the promise of relaxation.  It only takes a moment to feel the warmth of the sun, or to be inspired by the vibrant colors of autumn.  We can connect with the people that make up our existence right now, through simple gestures of kindness and appreciation.  Profound experiences are not just out there in the celestial realms of lofty spirituality, but right here, in the very fabric of the everyday. What will help to appreciate your precious life, moment to moment?  Vacations and Holidays are great, but the everyday is where we spend most of our time.  Each day, take some soulful pauses – a brief walk outside, calling a friend, a few minutes to write in a journal.  Whatever has you feeling the quality of your life, and gives you a sense of expansion, will make your days memorable, and your life lovable.


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