By Karin Leonard

Are you wondering how to stay normal within everyday insanity? Do you have too much to do, not enough time, and is the pace of your life too fast to even catch your breath? Well, I won’t even ask how you are doing on reaching your goals and dreams… at least not yet. First, let’s talk about getting you back to breathing.

Sanity Strategies

I mean it! Breathing deeply will make a difference – when you remember to do it. So how will you think of that in the middle of the weekly whirlwind? Much of staying sane in a crazy world has to do with planning, preparation and pre-meditation. Thinking of your typical week, how can you plan for a bit more inner peace? What would make a difference in your day? Maybe you can delegate more, organize chores or set up helpful habits. How are your diet, exercise and sleep? And you may want to give up trying to be a super-human…

Vivacious Values

Have you ever noticed how your sense of time changes, when you do something you really love? All at a sudden, you may feel energized, and although many hours have gone by, you don’t seem tired. For myself, I experience timelessness when I’m involved in a creative project, like writing or painting. What is it for you? When we live our values, a sense of joy and motivation tends to show up, and life becomes more fun. What do you value?  Success, health, love, happiness, community are a few examples. If you would like to live what is important to you more fully, brainstorm 5 –10 of your top values. Then, write them on index cards (one per card). On the back of each card record actions that will help you to express each value in your life. At the beginning of each day or week, review your cards, and plan for fulfillment on a regular basis.

Future Fulfillment

We only live once, at least as far as we know for sure.  At the end of your life, you don’t want to wake up and realize that you have been living someone else’s story…Do what really matters to you. What do you want your life to be like, say in one, five or ten years? We are always at choice, even if it may not seem that way in the middle of everyday insanity. You can direct your own movie, it is your privilege as Homo sapiens. You have the creative power of nature at your fingertips. Begin planning now. Create a compelling vision, maybe start a journal and write your life’s plot. Take small steps and make success easy for yourself. Before you know it, your life will no longer be driving you crazy, but will lead you to follow your bliss…


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