Inviting Introspection

By Karin Leonard

The long evenings of winter provide the perfect time to turn inward and probe the depth of the soul. While nature rests and rain falls, you may feel inspired to contemplate the bigger picture of your life.

Going to the Cave

Early humans spent winters seeking shelter and sharing stories during fire lit nights. Even in our high-tech times, when computer screens illuminate the nights, and TVs take the place of storytellers, our bodies and spirits are still responsive to nature’s rhythms. The tides of this season flow inward, even though our schedules and responsibilities may say otherwise. How can you visit the cave of winter and introspection, while attending to your many roles? Begin by noticing your rhythm during this darker time of the year: when you feel tired or inward, don’t push through resistance to exhaustion. Take breaks, naps and stay in for a quiet evening. Curl up with a good book and light some candles. Adjusting your biological cadence to the shorter daylight hours can also protect your health and keep away the flu.

Review and Reflection

There is wisdom in the wheel of the year. Rest and reflection allow you to integrate experiences and lead to learning from results. During the active time of projects, you are engaged in moving things forward. Times of introspection permit you to evaluate the path you are on, and open the door to assess the priorities you have chosen. Review at the end of the year is a chance to capture the highlights as well as the trials of 2001. Are you making progress on your dreams, goals and intentions? And is the direction your life is heading what your soul desires? These are deep questions to ponder and time well spent. Make sure the ladder of success is leaning against the places you want to climb, and that at the end of your life, you had the leading role in the story you wanted to create….

Dreaming the Dark

Mystical foggy mornings invoke internal magic. This is the time to let the soul speak, and to look for images emerging from within. There is a greater intelligence within you, which may be silent during busy times. When you become still and honor the receptive side of your nature, inner treasures can be found. Allow time for meditation and introspection. Journaling is a great way to connect with soul and spirit. And when you go to sleep, set the intention of diving into the depth of your inner mystery. Upon awakening, with your eyes closed, recall the dreaming gifts of the dark … as humans have done for thousands of years.

As you listen to the ancient heartbeat of winter, and the stirrings of your soul, you may just discover a sustainable way of integrating timeless currents and natural cycles with your full and busy life….



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