Part Three


By Karin Leonard

Thus far we discussed four assets for your self-confidence bank account: taking full responsibility for your destiny, trusting yourself more than others, believing in yourself and developing positive self-talk. In today’s final inquiry, we will add two additional principles to get the most value from your investment.  

Honor Your Truth

What you think and feel is uniquely you, and worthy of your validation. We tend to be so quick in judging ourselves -- and others. “I shouldn’t feel that,” or “What a silly idea…” can easily shut down the flow of truthful emotion and intuition. Yet by habitually ignoring what is true for us, we get further and further away from our authentic self, thus losing the greatest investment opportunity of them all: fully claiming who we are, with all our talents, skills and possibilities.

You can begin by just noticing what you are thinking and feeling … without having to label it as good or bad … or having to do anything about it. So much can come out of that simple observation, accepting your internal experience the way you watch clouds drift across the sky, they just are, and changing all the time. Discovering more of your own truth -- abstaining from judging long enough to even notice what’s going on -- also frees you up to express your thoughts, wants and needs more honestly, without so much editing. Who you are is an ever-unfolding mystery, as unique and precious as a rare piece of art, never to be created again.

Aligning With Flow

Self-confidence also flourishes in how we interact with life and people. The more harmony we create, the better we tend to feel about ourselves. There is a magical flow to life, a wave that we can catch, as we pay more attention to inner and outer signals. It is much like sailing on the ocean: going against the current is possible, but a lot of work. A much easier and more elegant approach is to notice where the natural stream is leading, and then to side with that force, to get to where we want to go.

How does that translate to business and life in general? When deciding on a course of action, ask yourself these questions: What is the real goal?  Is there an easier and more effective way to get there? Will this approach create more harmony and collaboration, and does it honor my highest values? How will I feel about myself, and ultimately, will it build my self-confidence?

Enjoy investing in your self-confidence bank account. And as the gold accumulates, everything in your life will arrive at the next level of abundance, opening doors that you may not even have known existed….


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