Part Two


By Karin Leonard

In Part One we discussed taking full responsibility for your destiny, and trusting yourself more than others, as a foundation for a lifelong investment in your self-confidence “bank-account.”  Today we will explore further key factors to maximize that venture.

Believe In Yourself

You have everything it takes to create success and happiness in your life – the challenge is to truly know and believe that, beyond the shadow of any doubt. Your potential is almost endless – what gets in the way are learned limitations and restricting beliefs about yourself. Your parents, like yourself, are human beings with shortcomings, and products of their upbringing and generation.  More than likely, they have passed on their own assumptions and fears to you. What you believe about yourself is like a lens you look through – it influences and “colors” everything in your life. Furthermore, these presumptions are self- reinforcing -- we continue to produce proof that they are indeed true.

I’m reminded of someone that we’ll call Bruce. His early school years were very stressful.  Not feeling very comfortable in class, Bruce kept getting low grades. The other kids called him “stupid,” and even his parents complained about his finite intelligence. After noticing that he had accepted the learned assumption – “I’m stupid” – as truth, Bruce began to examine the facts, changing this limited belief to what is true for him now – that he is a very intelligent adult.

For greater self-confidence, begin to collect evidence that you are capable and trustworthy, which over time will change your beliefs about yourself, and lead to greater self-trust.

Speak Of Victory

Self-confidence is nurtured by caring for yourself as if you are your own best friend. Someone who really cherishes you is likely to encourage, cheer you on, and see your greatest assets. Do you treat yourself that way? It is never too late to start… and it is quite handy to bring your inner “cheerleader” along, on a daily basis. It starts with how you talk to yourself when you first wake up in the morning. Do you immediately worry about possible disasters in your day -- or do you look on the bright side?  Try some encouraging self-talk like “this will be a great day”, or “I’ll do just wonderful in today’s presentation” as you wake up, or in the shower. This is not “make-believe” or wishful thinking:  what you say to yourself on a regular basis is more powerful than any suggestion from another person ever could be.  If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anybody else?

Self-confidence has the magnetic property of a cumulative bank account – the more you invest in it, the greater the payback. Believing in yourself provides the kind of foundation for your life that has you sleeping peacefully at night, and expressing yourself joyfully throughout the day. And the best part: the path to victory is absolutely in your own hands…


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