Everyday Spirituality for the Professional



By Karin Leonard

This series explores how to stay connected to your spiritual self, even in the busyness of everyday.  Previously we discussed the power of solo retreats, and took a closer look at spirituality today.  Parts three and four explore daily application.  

We may have great insights when discussing spiritual principles, and maybe we even have mystical moments when away on retreat.  Yet, how do we translate these encounters with higher awareness into everyday life?   For our final excursion into spiritual territory, let’s contemplate how to integrate soul care with your day without adding to your to-do list. 


In the morning:  How you start out in the morning can influence your entire day.  Does your mind start racing the minute you wake up?  Try something different:  for a few moments, stay with your dream images.  No need to analyze, just being with the energy of your dreams can help to integrate them.  Much like appreciating art or poetry.  If you don’t remember any dreams, just stay with your breath for a few moments.  Then, if you can take a few minutes to meditate or pray, great.  Send some positive images or thoughts into your day.  If you don’t have time, set your intentions for your day while getting ready.  While in the shower, set your affirm what you want, visualize, pray.  Even these few minutes can create harmony up front.

In the moment:  As you go through your day, remember to breathe and take good care of yourself.

Treat your body as a temple.  If you feel stressed, take a few deep breaths, imagine a place of peace, or surround yourself with a shield of protective, radiant light (choose a color).  Remember your spiritual code of conduct (See part 3).  Know that you have choice in all matters.  Discover the many gifts each day holds.  Notice the magic of so-called coincidences or synchronicities: a business contact calls the day you think about them, an article in the paper provides just the answer you need, you are offered tickets to an event you’ve been dying to go to.  Streams of this so-called “good luck” increase, as you create harmony in your mind and life.  Above all, stay connected to the flow of your energy.  Every instant, you can receive an abundance of valuable feedback from within, like “time for a quick break, take a breath, calm your mind.”

In the evening:  If you have a few minutes for meditation and self-reflection, terrific.  Take a moment to think about your day.  What went well, what were the highlights?  When did you feel a sense of spiritual connection?  Where there any challenges?  And if so, what can you learn from them?  How will tomorrow be even better?  As you drift off to sleep, give thanks for your day, send a prayer, or ask a question to be answered in your dreams.  Even if you have no time to reflect, give yourself at least the gift of falling asleep while in conversation with your soul (and that may just be a feeling of connection to the wisdom within).

We are at the end of this four-part expedition – thank you for hanging in there!  My hope is that you may have found some helpful tools, thoughts and reminders for a pleasant spiritual journey.  And as it has been said, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience...


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