Everyday Spirituality for the Professional



By Karin Leonard

Spirituality and the longing for greater meaning is such an important topic that this series explores its application in the everyday even though we can only begin to touch the depth of what’s sacred in these short articles.  Previously we discussed the power of solo retreats. Today we’ll take a closer look at spirituality itself.  Part three will focus on how to include spirituality in the day-to-day.

Spirituality Today

In order to experience your spiritual side, you don’t need to be religious, or belong to an organized group.  If you do feel at home with an established religion, you are fortunate in that your specific tradition can provide tremendous guidance.  However, for many of us, religions that originated thousands of years ago provide limited flexibility for these quickly changing times.  We are left to discover guidance and meaning on our own.  Finding your spiritual path among the traditions of the past, and sorting out the mish-mash of the New Age movement, is no small task.  So much great information is out there, yet you have to take it with a grain of salt.  Distinguishing between genuine wisdom, and watered-down religion, takes discernment.  What at first may seem comforting can quickly turn into stifling dogma.  However, connecting with your personal truth is liberating.

You may want to choose teachers and guides along the way, yet the power to evolve lies within you, and guidance emerges from within.  In the past, priests were intermediaries to God.  And although priests and spiritual teachers still play an important role today, they might be most helpful when acting as coach, counselor or facilitator.  Hopefully they inspire, rather than having all the answers. 

What is Spirituality?

The word “spiritus” means breath, and Webster defines “spirit” as the “life-giving principle.”  What does spirituality mean to you?  Think back to a spiritual experience you’ve had.  What was the nature of that moment?  When did it occur – while meditating, exercising, or making love?  For most – whether you are Christian, Buddhist or Humanitarian –  experiencing spirituality signifies creating a loving connection to something greater than our limited self.  This could be a joining with the Divine, the life force, or your Higher Self; whichever evokes a state of love and sacredness within you.  For me, spirituality is also the day-to-day connection to life, to the energy that runs through creation and interrelates all beings.  Exercising your spiritual self happens when you experience life as sacred, when you have awe and respect for every living being, and in appreciating the endless mystery that surrounds you. 

Spirituality is the live wire that connects you to the numinous mandala within, from where your evolution mysteriously continues.

Being spiritual also pertains to giving your life meaning, and living with passion and purpose. Working just to pay the bills doesn’t fill the longings of the soul. As you inquire more deeply into your purpose, you may discover that it is spiritual in nature.  You may even want to write a mission statement for your life, and think about principles that are important to you.  Next month we’ll explore how to stay connected with your spiritual values each and every day.


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