Part Two


By Karin Leonard

Today’s quest leads us to an exciting frontier, to possibly the greatest venture of our times: the unexplored regions of your mind, a world so vast and exotic that it dwarfs the far reaches of the Milky Way.

What about those other 95%?

By now it has been in just about every news tabloid: Most of us  – at best – use about 1-5% of the brain’s capacity. Like any adventurous spirit, I’ve always been curious what the rest of it might be for? Knowing that nature doesn’t waste her moves, I bet you any amount of money the gray matter between your ears (pardon me if yours is a different color...) is packed with more surprises than Christmas Morning. And leaving those treasures untouched is like buying the newest PC, and being content with making a nice desk decoration out of it!

Mind you, for most activities – eating, school, even work—we may be able to get through life without ever loading the hard disk. Compared to what our full capacities might be, most of what we are familiar with can probably fit on a floppy. But if you’re anything like me, you just can’t stand the thought of leaving a present unopened…and you certainly want to know what all that ram on your computer is capable of, don’t you?


With about 100 billion brain cells at birth, and about 500 trillion connections between these tiny power centers, the human brain is still the most versatile virtual creation center in our universe. Most of what the nervous system does is unconscious – we are aware of only a tiny fraction.  While you are talking to your business partner in Boston, your wizard within is busy making sense out of the 500 things that happened yesterday, comparing the new data to that incident 20 years ago, perfecting your golf-game, continuing the dream from last night, and figuring out the best strategy to increase the sales of your new product by 50%.  And wile sipping your afternoon coffee, you may have this sudden flash, this ingenious inventive idea, this brilliant solution to your most pressing challenge – seemingly out of nowhere! Yet your faithful inner genius has been working overtime to synthesize just the right concoction, to answer the questions you may not even be aware of asking.

The fabulous news: you can utilize your unlimited capacities a thousand times more than you ever deemed possible. To begin, deliberately tell yourself: “Before sunset today, I will have five fresh options for the new advertising campaign.” Then, let the ingredients slowly simmer on your backburner, and be receptive to insights. Or, before you fall asleep, ask your unconscious your most urgent question, and request a dream.  Do that every night, until you get an answer.

As you set your goals for the New Year – the final countdown to the third millennium! – include an intention to buddy up with that all powerful genie within you, who has been waiting to grant your every wish, and remember,  you have many more than three…


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