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By Karin Leonard

You are sitting on a gold mine. You are given a treasure that far exceeds Aladdin’s lamp (who wants to deal with a moody genie, anyway?). You possess the prize of endless evolution: the human brain, and with it your mind, the key to your destiny……nonetheless, you may experience gaps between what you want – and the reality at hand. 


Many of my clients are bright, successful people – yet they often consult with me, because they have a difficult time changing habits, or managing emotions. Maybe you have also bumped into challenges, when trying to quit smoking, or attempting to stop some other pesky habit. Or possibly, you’ve been striving to reach some cherished goal, only to find yourself back where you started from…

When we want change, we usually know what actions we should take – whether it is a new exercise routine, a healthier diet or more satisfying relationships. Yet the older, emotional currents within us may be running in the opposite direction. Hence we set out with the best of intentions, while getting results to the contrary.  For your plans to succeed over time, all the layers of your personality – conscious and unconscious, emotional and rational -- need to be bought into your goals.

Marry Head and Heart

Have you ever noticed how “making yourself” do something tends to have a short life-span? You may be able to “discipline” yourself for a while, jump out of bed at five am and go for that morning run, whether you want to or not. Hey – if that works for you –congratulations! Don’t change a thing…however if you find that commitment to new goals peters out after the initial enthusiasm, you may need to look a little deeper. Your other than conscious mind also has to be convinced that your goal suits you. Otherwise, nature’s unbending commitment to your survival protects or prevents any behavior that it interprets as a threat to you.

I’m reminded of my client Susan, whose high stress job left no time to express her creative talent – until she started developing debilitating rashes that forced her to take time off work.

More than likely every part of you, conscious or unconscious, has the best of intentions – yet unless we get them to work in unison, internal conflicts are likely. Here it really pays to go slow -- in order to go fast. Marrying the different parts of you, and with that, heart and mind, opens the door to a whole new world – and your personal power soars. Suddenly, the forces that were at war, begin uniting their magic in your favor, and the sky is no longer the limit…


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