Part Two - Earth and the Sacred


By Karin Leonard

In the first part of this article we took a closer look at your relationship to yourself, with your significant other, and with the community in which you live. Now it is time to explore your kinship with the greater context of your life: Earth and the sacred.

The Blue Jewel

According to the World Watch Institute report of 1998, species are disappearing at a rate of at least one thousand per year. That is a 1000% increase since we humans began to grace the Earth with our presence. Statistics like this make me realize that we could easily be next….

Respecting the environment is more than green romance; it is an absolute necessity for us to make it into the new millennium.  Interconnectedness and the web of life aren’t just lofty ideals, but biological facts, and a matter of survival.

How linked do you feel with the living, breathing Earth?  We get so involved in the details of daily life that the big picture may escape us. The recent return journey of astronaut John Glenn reminded me of the wondrous images of our home planet, suspended against the dark velvet of the cosmos.

For a beautiful meditation, briefly recall that picture on a regular basis. You may find doing so naturally inspiring you to care even more for your environment, and all the life that surrounds you.

Greater than Life

If you follow a particular religion, your faith will hopefully provide you with a living connection to the sacred. However, you don’t have to be religious in order to experience the trans-personal. What is sacred to you? And do you feel in touch with your guiding values on a daily basis?

Humanity has always searched for transcendence – for something that gives our lives meaning beyond the self. Mystics of all ages have described feelings of oneness with the living world. The creative, timeless state that artists go into may be similar to this. Also, the experience of flow reported by high-performers in all fields, brings with it expanded awareness. These days, even science is finally catching up with intuitive and spiritual knowing. Quantum Physics is opening many a door that didn’t even seem to exist in Newtonian, mechanical reality. There is plenty of evidence that “tuning in” to the greater intelligence of the universe, and sending your prayers will not only boost your sense of purpose, but actually produce results.

The art of relationship is a life-long learning experience, and every day gives us ample opportunity to practice. As you continuously improve your great web of relations, be they with yourself, in your romantic life, or within your community by honoring your environment and connecting with the sacred, you are likely to feel a profound sense of support unfolding in your life….


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