Sail to Success In 2018

By Karin Leonard

blue lotus Welcome aboard 2018!  The youthful spirit of a brand new year is a powerful potion.  Intentions are fresh and visions clear, and the dynamic drive of starting over energizes January.  With a surge of enthusiasm and hopeful dreams we embark on another adventure.  This article is meant to inspire your launch into a year of profound fulfillment, and to provide fuel for the journey.


Use Your Inner Compass

As you set sail, knowing where you are headed helps to steer your ship.  Sure, you might not be able to predict the wind or ocean currents, yet your direction is up to you. Being precise in your intentions gives you a greater chance of actually arriving at your destination. 

Not sure where to go? Even if you feel unclear, the deeper truth is you do know what you really want.  Your greater authenticity may be veiled by perceived limitations, “shoulds” and all kinds of reasons for why you can’t live the life you yearn for.  Your reality-based mind might keep tight rein on the dreams your heart and soul desire.  For what price?  Who says you can’t create what you want?  And why give power to those voices, rather than the song of your soul?

Life is all about choice.  You are the captain of your ship, and if you say something is not possible, it won’t be.  However, when you lift the deceptive fog of conditioning, a whole new world comes into view.  Like a sailor who has been staring out at endless seas, suddenly, there is land, and it is as real as the rocks of Gibraltar.

Create Your Itinerary

So, all “ifs and buts” aside, what do you want?  What are the dreams and themes of your life?  What destinations do you want to set sail for?

Dream big.  Take a walk on the beach, make a date with your journal and envision the life you want.  Don’t let yourself be restricted by what you think is possible. Looking back many years from now, what will have you feeling fulfilled and grateful? 

In making a plan for 2018, consider the changing energies throughout the year.  Your own rhythm - as well as the seasonal cycles - lends itself to shifting focus.  For example, while the beginning of the year is perfect for catalyzing new projects, the slower summer months naturally invoke travel and leisure, while the later part of the year brings introspection and incubation.

Sail The Currents

When you are out at sea, you are certainly free to go against the ocean currents – or you can align yourself with the natural flow, and sail to your destination with ease and style.  In a similar fashion, as you move through your year, as well as through your days, be clear in your intentions, yet flexible in your approach.  The greater intelligence within and around you often far surpasses any solution you could come up with consciously.  Be open and playful in allowing your destiny to unfold, accept and adapt to what occurs, and flow with events, rather than against them. Your plans, and what emerges in the universe, in your life and in your day, can form a dynamic synergistic dance - as you notice and sail the currents. 

In moving towards your dreams, enlist the support of family members and connect with people who inspire you.   Successful folks haven’t gotten there alone.  As a matter of fact, the greater the accomplishments, the greater may be the caliber of the help involved.  Hire experts for maximum results – having dedicated allies on your side creates synergy for you to succeed on a whole new level.


Last but not least, don’t postpone happiness until you have reached you destination.  Your life is happening right now, not when your ship comes in. And even as you reach the horizon, a new one appears.  Love and welcome every moment of your journey.

Here’s to your fabulous 2018!


(As published in Connection Magazine)

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